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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good friends all.

So long and happy trails to our
Westonka Tennis friends. Thanks so
much for coming and we look forward
to having you all back next year.

Sky's first bike.

"On your right, dad!"

Happy Birthday to Martha & Happy Anniversary to Dick & Sharon

Martha's #?%th birthday.
Married for 45 years!

Hayride Time

Dick, Sharon, Mary & Natalie
George, Tom & Lynn

Lynn checking out Martha's sippy cup.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun Day At Paul Bunyan State Forest

Natalie and Jeff hiking, dirt biking, and having lunch at the Paul Bunyan State Forest. We hiked the North Country Trail--and we just had a great time. One of the best days!! Enjoy the pics!

Jeff taking it all in

Natalie on the dock

Say "Cheese"!!

How Cute~

The trail

Water Pump! We thought we'd better try it out!

Go Jeff~

The dirt bike. We had fun riding all around~

What a stud!

Eating a nice picnic lunch~

On the trail~

Pretty, Pretty

More hiking

Picture time!

Such a good picture of Jeff~

Saving a falling tree!

Come on Jeff, don't let it fall!

Just Gorgeous

Friday, September 19, 2008

Natalie takes to dirt biking!

Stephanie "watch your back"!

Westonka Tennis Association Reunion

Thanks Tom Osborn for getting this reunion together.
It's so much fun to reconnect with all our "old" (smiles)
tennis friends. We need to make this an annual event.
George & Mary Boll
"what a cute couple".

Mary Boll, Lynn Osborn & Sharon Catton

Martha (the birthday girl) & Jeff.

Tom Osborn the best tennis coach ever.

Mike Roy & Dick Catton
Mike, tell Dick you are sorry for not telling him you moved!

Dick, Sharon & Mike off to the woods.

George & Janet Snelgrove
(Sorry you two couldn't come, we miss you!)


I look pretty cute in my gater!

The new "Mrs. Roy" is added to our family!

Mike, Natalie, Jeff, Dianne & Jared

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jared gives Sky a new hair style!

Dad, thanks for the new do!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photos from my friend Jill of our wedding!!!

Ceremony pic in my Rivini wedding dress

After the ceremony with Jill in my second wedding dress for the reception! Much easier to dance in!

The girls--The sisters!!

Cute reception picture!

Again, my wedding dress for the reception! And my jewelry made by Emily Smith!

Jared and Stephanie! The Best Man and Maid of Honor
Stephanie and Jared, how sweet~

Nice view of the veil!!
The best feeling ever!! Man those flower were heavy!
So, happy to be husband and wife!
And.....The Kiss
Jeff has never looked so handsome

The day was just gorgeous from start to finish--even with a little sun shower!
Vows and exchange of rings
One of the best moments in my life--to walk the aisle with my Dad
I love you~

Dad was emotional, but staying nice and calm
One of my favorite pictures of Jeff--he must be waiting for me
I love you so much~